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I've been having health issues as most of you know. That being said, I spent 10 hrs in ER. The lung collapsed, yesterday. And there is still a lot of fluid around it. So today, we're going to drain it. I feel much better for having come to hospital. Anyhoo, there are things I need today. Like undrdwear. Desperately. I don't hold it as well as I did in my 30's. My husband, of course, now has some issue as to why he 'can't handle coming in.

Nope! You're getting your ass in here. He's becoming more and more of a child, and I'm becoming more resentful. Not a good situation. 

Anyhow, thanks for letting me vent.  :-)

Hey there!

May. 4th, 2017 11:14 am
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This is a new space for me. I realised today that this will actually give me a place to vent. My hubs has access to LJ But he's reluctant to add any new social media type sites, so this could be a boon.

Sometimes the levels of resentment builds and it rears its ugly head,n and since I haven't any friends in this area- and I do miss a good passel of women gathered around food, solving the wo k problems. (Well or at least mine). Welp it seems to be a bad Parkinson's day! Huggs all and peace out!


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